Of course I had no idea what adventures I was going to encounter when I moved to Los Angeles in 1992. Fresh out of make-up & hair school, I started my career with hardly any experience in a completely different part of the world.
My first job at Glamour Shots was a great way of getting a lot of experience and learning the American etiquette. To me it has been the foundation of learning how to truly listen and create a look that makes the client feel beautiful and comfortable. I am still reaping the benefits of that.

Pretty soon I found my way into the movie industry. Back in the 90’s, a lot of “straight-to-video” movies were produced. These productions were shot in about 3 weeks and directly released onto the market. That was an exciting time for this Dutch girl. There was a lot of time pressure, I was responsible for continuity and we filmed at the most amazing locations; high up in the mountains, the Hollywood studios, the Malibu beaches, Las Vegas‚Ķmindstorm If you pay close attention to the movie “Mind Storm”, you see me walking into an elevator at the Hoover Dam and being an extra at the craps table.
The actors in these movies were television celebrities most of the time, who wanted to do something different during their hiatus. People like Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Lauren Graham (Gillmore Girls), Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Katherine Kelly Lang (The Bold and the Beautiful).

I also worked a lot with headshot-photographers. Plenty of actors in LA that need a great photo representing themselves when they go out on auditions!

The-bachelor Early 2000, there was the rise of Reality Television. The first version of “The Bachelor” was launched and I got to do make-up and hair on the contestants, and the Bachelor himself.
I also worked on “Renovate my Family”. Both shows have been repeated several times on Dutch Television.

Through several production companies I also worked many times on blockbuster movie documentaries. I made sure that the directors (for example Oliver Stone and Alan Pakula) and actors (Al Pacino, Woody Harrelson) looked their best on camera.

My 13 years of Hollywood experience have been extremely varied: Movies, photography, documentaries, commercials, music videos…
But the memory I cherish most, is being the make-up artist for Michael Jackson’s dancers in 2002. I had the privilege of meeting this legendary world phenomenon, work with him and gather a few little tiny grains of his expertise. His energy and talent are unprecedented.
That this girl, born and raised in the Netherlands, was able to have that experience‚Ķ It’s something I am extremely grateful for and proud of!


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