Make Up & Hair

To me, one of the highlights in my profession is diversity.
Besides having the luxury of steady work for several television shows each month (like Koffietijd and Hart van Nederland) I also get to do other fun stuff. Photo-shoots, commercials and weddings or other special events.
What’s always key for me is truly listening to the clients wishes and creating the image that they envisioned.

Besides make-up & hair school in Amsterdam, I also got my cosmetology licence in Los Angeles. That broadened my expertise to where I now can work with any kind of hair in each desired style.

Throughout my career I have worked with so many women (and men) with all different hair structures, skin tones and personalities. Because of all that experience one of my main strengths has become to harmonize someone’s look, character and desired picture.

Hart van Nederland

With a steady team of make-up artists I’ve been working for Hart van Nederland ever since my return to the Netherlands. The hosts of this nightly bulletin covering only Dutch news, are a close and loyal group of women. Such a joy to work here!


Every now and then I get special requests by different television personalities for magazine photo-shoots or to do make-up for a special event, like for example a “Tribute to Quincy Jones” music-night with Marlayne Sahupala.

Yvonne1 (Mobile)
Evelien de Bruijn
Jessica-K-1 (Custom) (Custom)
Daphne1 (Custom)
Marlayne Mama
Marlayne-Kinderen-1 (Custom) (Custom)


To exactly create the look of what the client envisioned is especially important while working on commercials. This represents their product, so listening and communication are key. This commercial for a kid’s clothing line called “Moodstreet” is an example of that.


For this special day the bride already has too much to take care of! It’s crucial to me that you feel completely at ease and totally confident about your look. During a test-run we try out different hairstyles and together we create the perfect look for you!

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