Quinty Trustfull

My first encounter with Quinty was at the Dutch ice-skating television spectacle “Dancing On Ice” in 2007.
Truth be told, I wasn’t familiar with this powerhouse woman’s work yet.
What can I say, having lived overseas for 13 years, I didn’t quite stay up to date on the Dutch celebrities…
Soon I found out what a dedicated woman Quinty was, and how she worked her hardest to be the best she could be, but also encouraged her surroundings to do the same.

Each Dancing On Ice episode, she motivated me to come up with a new creation, which resulted in completely different looks each time. And there were quite a few, considering she skated her way to the finals!

A year and a half, and some photo-shoots later, Quinty approached me to be her personal make-up artist for “Koffietijd” which she was offered to host.
For this daily morning show, we created an approachable look. However, there’s no Quinty without a touch of “Glam”. Therefore we have this little joke saying “Just because we can”, whenever I add a few extra eyelashes.

Besides “Koffietijd” I also am her make-up artist on other projects like the Nationale Postcode Loterij, OralB, Carmen, NHA and of course red carpet events. For those, I get to go all out and really touch on her beautiful glamorous side.
Quinty is the ultimate professional and I am extremely grateful to be working with her for all these years. Her eye for detail and her incredible know-how contribute to me staying on top of my game and loving my job.

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