I moved to Los Angeles when I finished the make-up and hairstyling school of Dik Peeters in  Amsterdam in the early nineties. My first job there was at Glamour Shots. A store where you could get a glamour make-over and have your picture taken. What a great learning experience fresh out of make-up school! So many different ethnicities, face-shapes and hair-structures to work with. 

Pretty soon, I got a job as a make-up assistant on a movie. And not long after that I started  working as the key make-up artist on set. That meant

I was responsible for the look and continuity of the actors in all the different scenes. And that’s how things got started.  

I lived in LA for 13 years and was fortunate to do a great variety of jobs.  

Music video’s for Snoop Dogg, Dru Hill, The Temptations, to name a few.  

Interviews with celebrities like Al Pacino, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Toni Colette, Wendy & Lisa  (known from Prince and the Revolution), Robert Downey Jr.  

I worked on movies with Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) Lisa Kudrow (Friends),  Dolph Lundgren, Roger Daltrey (The Who) and actors from

“The Bold and the Beautiful”.  I also worked on countless photoshoots

for starting actors and dancers, and TV-shows like “The  Bachelor” and “Renovate my Family” and commercials for a number of big brandnames like  Pepsi, Taco Bell, Gatorade, ING Direct.  

But the icing on the cake was the moment I got to work for Michael Jackson. In 2002 I was responsible for hair and make-up of his dancers for his performances on “American Bandstand 50th Anniversary” and

the Democratic Convention at the Apollo Theater in  New York.

To work with this man up close and personal was nothing short of phenomenal. His expertise and creativity brought anyone who had the honor of working with him to another level. And yes, I did get to visit the Neverland Ranch a few times, which of course was also an unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever.  

Eventhough I loved living in LA, I always missed my family and roots so I decided to move back to  the Netherlands. I started working for established shows like Hart van Nederland and the X-Factor.

Dancing on Ice was where I first worked with Quinty Trustfull. Talented

as she is, she skated  her way into the finale, so I was able to create

many different looks for her. That was so much fun!  

When Quinty started hosting the morning show “Koffietijd” she asked me to be her personal make-up artist/hairstylist. Such a privilege! I find so much joy in working with this team for all these years and meeting so many different guests from all walks of life.  

Another client that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many

years is Basic Fit. I do their photoshoots and virtual classes for

the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. 

Here, I get to go all out and do the most fun hair-creations.  

Besides these steady clients, there are always other free-lance jobs

that I get booked for, there is a lot of variety and diversity.  

What I love most about what I do is making you feel at ease and creating

a look that emphasizes your best assets. Making you feel more beautiful and confident is what matters most. Then I know my work is done.