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Natural Beauty Class

€120 pp (incl. VAT)

Max. 8 participants per class

Rather a private session, or book a group?

Please contact me.

Location: Wandelpad 30, Hilversum

Reserve your spot today:

25 may

26 may

31 may

1 june

9 june

2 pm - 5 pm Glam Class !

2 pm - 5 pm

2 pm - 5 pm

2 pm - 5 pm

2 pm - 5 pm

Can't find your date and/or time?

Want a private class?

Please contact me.

"I got really useful tips that I now apply everyday and I've already received so many compliments! :-)"  Pauline, 57

As a gift to yourself or a fun time with your friends or colleagues!

Learn Professional Makeup techniques specifically tailored to you : Your eyes. Your eyebrows. Your skin.

With a group of max 8 people, I will show you what a big difference a little make-up can make in this 3 hour makeup masterclass. This makeup workshop is full of tips to look good in no time.

We start with a super-natural makeup, making you look fresh for the day. From there we build it up little by little towards a more pronounced natural eye makeup.

Personal attention and guidance so that you can really master the techniques.

You'll go home with these professional makeup tips:

V  Concealer tricks that won't creap in fine lines

V   How to best apply eyeshadow to your eyes and...

V  How it lasts long and beautifully

V  Natural looking eyebrow tips

V  How to do a minimalist foundation

V   How to apply bronzer and blush beautifully

V  Golden lipliner trick with a natural lipcolor

The Glam Beauty Class takes it to another level

Feel like going for more after the Natural Beauty Class? Then I will send you all the information for the Glam Beauty Class. This is THE masterclass for party makeup. Here I teach you everything about contouring, glam makeup and more tips to take you to the next level. Exclusively for Natural Beauty Class participants!

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