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Mar's Beauty Brushes

Mar's Beauty Brushes
Professionele make-up kwasten

V   Complete set of 8 makeup brushes

V   Perfect for applying eyeshadow

V   Compact & Handy size

V    Suitable for every makeup look

V   Make blending a breeze

 Brush Set €79.95

I have bundled my 8 favorite brushes and given them their own look.


With my 30 years of makeup experience, I know what works and what is easiest for makeup enthusiasts.

Eco-friendly & 100% vegan


The brush bristles are made of high end luxury synthetic silk. This makes them super soft and they do their job well!

* Powder/Blush brush

* Bronzer/Contouring brush

* Large Eyeshadow brush

* Medium Eyeshadow brush

*  Small Eyeshadow brush

* Detailing Eyeshadow brush

* Concealer brush

* Lip brush

I'm very proud of my personally developed brush set!


I hope you enjoy it and see what a difference good brushes make!

Marjolein Hermans, ontwerper Beauty Brushes
"What a difference to apply my eye shadow with a professional brush!"

I heard this so often in my first Beauty Classes.I went shopping and tested multiple varieties to see whether an affordable set could be put together that I could recommend to the people in this make-up masterclass. What I encountered: Cheap brushes might be soft, but they didn't pick up the product well.  Blending was also a problem. And in the higher segment, the choice of brushes was not optimal in the usual stores. The average price was around €18 or higher. That had to be better!

And so the journey began...

I wanted the brushes to have good quality, pick up and blend the product well, last a long time, fit in your toiletry bag, but that are also vegan and eco-friendly. The fluffiness of the eyeshadow brushes was also a requirement. This makes it so much easier to apply eyeshadow!

Mission Accomplished!

And it worked! I have designed 8 brushes on 4 bamboo handles with logo, which give it a more luxurious look.  The powder/blush brush (yes, you can use the same brush for 2 makeup products) is a perfect size and feels nice and soft on the skin. Just like the other side of this, which I use for Bronzer and Contouring. I have designed 4 sizes of eye shadow brushes that really work well on all eyes. A lip brush and a lovely concealer brush, which does not sting around the eyes. All my conditions are checked. It really is the complete set of professional makeup brushes for home use!  .

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